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Seminars with coaching support

Seminars with coaching support

„With almost insistent consistency, Mr. Grundl ensures the implementation of his system in our daily business. The combination of seminars, follow ups and intensive individual coaching creates sustainability and clearly distinguishes him from other providers in this market.“

Dr. Reiner Schum,

Inhaber J.E. Schum GmbH

„The training series with Boris Grundl is an incomparable benefit for our departments. We have since assembled new teams and thus produced better results.“

Dr. Trevor Collins,

Fresenius Medical Care, Deutschland AG

„The most important point for me in coaching with Mr. Grundl were the goals that we worked out together. It is incredibly motivating to constantly deal with your goals. Before, I only knew that. Now I have understood it."

Dr. Hartmut Sauer,


„Mr. Grundl helps us to get a grip on our employee leadership and organizational development problems with his ingeniously simple leadership system. Simply great!“

Jürgen Scheller,

Executive Director

„My coaching with Mr. Grundl has resulted in sustained discipline, so that the content has not been lost, as is often the case after seminars.“

Jürgen Bauch,


„An absolutely incomparable experience! Never before has a seminar been so profound, so long-lasting and sustainable.“

Ewald Lehman,


“Never before has a seminar and coaching block remained so lastingly in the minds of the participants.“

Ralf Ledda,

Executive Director

„Mr. Grundl was able to make the entire seminar so lively that all participants were attentive at all times. You have to experience Mr. Grundl!“

Franziska Knöbl,

Mitinhaberin Dreambowl Böblingen

„As a coach, Mr. Grundl consistently and purposefully reaches the starting point of elementary changes with a high degree of effectiveness. In doing so, he manages the balancing act between challenge and respect for personal individuality in a wonderful way.“

Petra Bust,


„Boris Grundl has a phenomenal understanding of people, how they function, what they need and which buttons to push for their personal growth. My results - professional and personal - have improved tremendously. Many thanks!“

Chris Ellam,


„His life story shows how much strength and confidence can be mobilized in people. With his life's work, Mr. Grundl is an important role model.“

Rolf Benz,

Furniture manufacturer

"With a strong, positive charisma, Mr. Grundl lectures in a practice-oriented manner and clearly looks ahead with insights from the past. He will be remembered for a long time."

Johannes Schulte-Althoff,

Agravis Mitglied des Vorstands

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