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Power of Language Seminars

Power of Language Seminars

"Most important insight: The importance of transformation - moving from recognition to DOING!"

Michael Hoffmann

"I will use language more deliberately."

Sebastian Zosel

"I will really want to understand my fellow people and adjust my behavior accordingly."

Manuel Graulich

"Best seminar for people who are willing to think about themselves and others and adjust their actions/communication!"

Norbert Borelly

"No seminar has ever touched me like this. In recent years, I have done many things wrong. That will change now. My employees will also thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Patrick Weinhardt,


"Too many people go through the world without a plan when it comes to communication. Misunderstandings of all kinds are the result. If more people attended this seminar, the world could become a more harmonious place."

Dennis Herbst

"Discovering thousands of worlds in the future that exist but that I do not yet know. To experience and enjoy the spectacle of knowledge, always with the goal of achieving more clarity."

Nicole Rosenbusch

"Why I recommend it: Because I learned a lot about myself and what makes me tick."

Angela Bosselmann

„Knowing and applying the meta-programs makes it easier to define and achieve goals together with other employees.“

Dr. Wilhelm Koller,


„For me, knowing and applying the meta-programs means being able to use language consciously and purposefully as a tool in the leadership process when talking to employees in the future."

Thomas Roht,


"No gimmicks, no nonsense. Clear focus on responsibility. Painful and healing."

Gerdy Schmidt-Meuter

"To me, just by making small changes in my sentences, I can now make a very different impact with my business partners."

Daniel Sandmeier,


„I find the learning method indescribable, how one can remember all metaprograms within a short time. I find it fascinating that now - two days after the seminar - I already unconsciously notice some of the metaprograms in conversations with others.“

Alexandra Deibl

"THANK YOU again for the great seminar "Power of language", with so many insights. The first results are already produced. I am already looking forward to your next seminar."

Patrick Schnelle

„Experienced Responsibility-Results-Respect-Purpose is available at Grundl.“

Atakan Özcay,



"The seminar has opened a way for me to understand myself better and from this knowledge I will try to integrate it into my daily work."

"For people who like to work with other people."

Daniela Jesse,

KRAFT Construction Management GmbH

"I recommend this seminar because it opened my eyes to who I am and who others are. "

Philipp Großkopf,

Bosch Rexroth Schweiz AG

"I thought that in meetings people want to understand, but often they want to be understood. The higher in the hierarchy, the more they want to be understood. I.e. it helps to understand them, it is important to understand that it helps me to reach them."

Volker Roschansky

"1. Most important insight with regard to the question, how coherent do I want to be: Messenger - Message, Sympathy - Competence = Charisma

2. confirmation that I come across as I want to in a professional context."

Sandra Dundler

"It hurts... it feels good. Thank you for the pain!"

Sebastian Kehres,

Hanebutt GmbH

"These topics should be taught to our children already in school! Then our society would be a big piece further!"

Michael Schubert

"The participation in my last seminar (Get Up) has touched me very deeply and helped me to reflect on myself better, giving me the insight to continue the journey into self-knowledge with you."

Beate Dworzynski

"The differentiations give you clarity concerning yourself. Thus, clarity about one's conversational partner is also established. The communication "flows" towards the result."

Margit Haunschild

"I have become aware of how much we humans are conditioned by language. My understanding of this has grown. Thank you."

Bernd Renz,

Executive Director

„I realized how I can better assess and reach my conversation partners. Amazing!“

Erika Wendland,


"You can't do training any more authentic than this."

Karl Engelhard,

Executive Director Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH

„Now I know why conversations in the past did not lead to the desired result and how I can change that.“

Markus Bürkle

„Communication is the central topic in change processes and leading goal-oriented change processes is our central corporate purpose. As always, Boris Grundl knows how to open the eyes of managers with many years of experience and give them new impulses. In the Power of Language seminar, he skilfully illuminates the many aspects of communication, understanding and being understood.

The online participation was very well handled, which despite all initial fears had no restrictions for the participants.“

Matthias Holder,

Holder Print and Pack Management Consult

Michael Steinbauer


Peter Wassenberg


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