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Online Academy

Online Academy

„Gain a deeper understanding of your own responsibility and thus become more successful.“

Christian Pukelsheim


Prof. Burkart Knospe

Fa. Testo


• How have you experienced the implementation (so far)?

The online content that is accessible via the website is well prepared and has an appetizing size. What significantly influences are the wake-up calls, short and precise. Even if they are kept very short, they usually hit the topic. Personally, only the "intentions" theme didn't go down well with me. All the others were clear.

• What did the implementation trigger in you?

The view of myself changes as a result. Point of view observation increases very much. That is rarely the good thing about it...

• Would you recommend us and if so, why?

I already have. I see how the process does me good to look at things independently of right or wrong. That is the most outstanding insight for me in the whole program.

Markus Clement


"I like the format of the online presentations:

• the length of 3 minutes is very good (short and sweet, reduced to the essentials)

• me the contributions stimulate to think. I have also watched certain presentations repeatedly.

• the contributions are also good for forwarding to co-workers and for subsequent discussion (I have also done this a few times)"

Guido Hegener


Mario Schneider

Fa. Spreadmind


"Since I have already experienced both (seminar, webinar) at the Grundl Leadership Institute, I would also like to give feedback on the modules for our company VHW-Metallpresswerk. Online everything worked very well and it is also structured well understandable. If I could decide again today whether I would like a seminar or a webinar, I would definitely choose the webinar. The flexibility with the webinar has been very important for me and it all runs in my usual area (sense of well-being, security). The content of the modules is well structured and of course also transmitted by Mr. Grundl with an extreme effect."

Ahment Mercan

Fa. VHW Metallpresswerk GmbH

"I experienced Boris Grundl and his team live at a Leading Simple© seminar. The clarity, depth and substance on the topic of people management were impressive. That's why we in the Leadership Circle at cerascreen decided to set up a complete Leading Simple© transformation process. This was to start in April with a kick-off event. Due to the current Corona situation, a face-to-face event was not possible. The Grundl Leadership Institute has shown through its online expertise that the change from face-to-face to online events works professionally and smoothly. I would not have thought that Boris Grundl would have such an impact live in front of the camera. That was a very special experience for me and my entire team. Thank you very much for this opportunity!"

Olaf Schneider

Executive Director cerascreen®

„I have seen, read and learned a lot in the last 12 months and have been extensively involved with online coaching and video coaching or actively used the Corona time. Both in terms of my personal development and that of my company. I have a lot of comparisons to online trainings. Starting with the topic of marketing to the topic of strategy to leadership and digitalization. I consume knowledge like others do NETFLIX and I use every free minute for it. I would like to tell you that I have a lot of comparisons and that your online academy is in my eyes the best implemented and content "most effective" online academy concept I have seen. High praise from a big goby fan. Keep up the good work. This has really become a mega thing.”

Alexander Leuchtner

Leuchtner Dental Technology

"In the 2 1/2 days we succeeded in increasing the awareness of our sales executives (heads of sales organizations) and in preparing them for the new challenges in the areas of employee management and "change". The fact that we had to switch from the planned face-to-face workshop to the online mode worked amazingly well. Concentration and active participation were very high for the entire duration. The feedback I received was correspondingly positive."

Maik Klaiber

Head of the Organizational Directorate

Sparkassen Versicherung Holding AG

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