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Leading Simple Seminars

Leading Simple Seminars

"Boris Grundl and his team don't sugarcoat anything and really move you forward. The seminar had a lot of depth. "

Gerald Kneissle

"The special feature of the seminar is the depth, the directness, the high tempo. It is about "doing it yourself". It is insightful and emotional - and therefore valuable. You "only" have to be 110% committed to it."

Tanja Schirmer

"I am impressed with the depth of the overall content, the clarity and precision of the exercises and reminders, and how straightforward the underlying approach is."






Stefanie Ulrich

"Mr. Grundl is someone whose approach is 100% convincing. He manages to bring across even highly complex and theoretical topics in a visual and easy to understand way!"

Thomas Grießmayr

"I would recommend this seminar to anyone who is ready to start leading themselves effectively before leading others!"

Dani Malinova

Digital Sales Team Coordinator - Friedrich PICARD GmbH and Co. KG

„Mr. Grundl is an outstanding expert on issues of employee management. Anyone who masters his life so successfully despite such a difficult fate is an ideal speaker for this field. Anyone who has experienced him live knows that he lives exactly what he talks about."

Walter Beckmann,

Executive Director UWB

„I am very grateful for the groundbreaking leadership I have experienced through Leading Simple. The focus on the 15 modules of Leading Simple are a power source and result provider in one.“

Jürgen Eckeberg,

Executive Director Videograph GmbH

"Something very special. Different in all facets. Recommended to every leader, young or old."

Michael Hollenbenders

„Boris Grundl says what is important: transparent, comprehensible, authentic! His impulses, presented with great passion, offer an exciting fund of methods for leading people.“

Dr. Marcos Arias,

Head of International Sales, IVF HARTMANN AG

"Boris Grundl's leadership seminar is an experience. Sustainable, practice-oriented, and authentic, Boris Grundl conveys simple but meaningful content to the seminar participants. His persuasiveness is fascinating, as Boris Grundl "lives" his clear and precise messages. In his seminars the participant feels the conveyed contents are practice, not only theory. Learning about people management from Boris Grundl also means dealing intensively with oneself and clearly defining one's goals. For me, the terms "result", "success", "discipline" and "self-motivation" have taken on a new intensity.

Boris Grundl has a fascinating knowledge of human nature. This and his experience with processing and overcoming a serious accident that completely changed his life make him a convincing and authentic coach. The person Boris Grundl is straightforward, disciplined, direct and has an incredible energy - he captivates his audience from the very first second. Boris Grundl provokes and asks many questions - the result are answers."

Lars Emmerich,

Factory Manager


Beatrix Meier

„Thanks to the answers conveyed by Mr. Grundl on the subject of employee leadership, we can more successfully set the future of our company and actively participate in it. The seminar gave me a lot of new insights.“

Stephan Jasper,

Sales Manager SANIMED


Dance school Weber, Wiesbaden

Eddi Broschat und Torsten Gaßner

"I am extremely happy and grateful that Leading Simple exists and that I was able to get to know this system. I thank you for the valuable feedback during my implementation reports and the interesting implementation discussions during which I could always gain new insights. The intervals of the conversations come at exactly the right time and have the appropriate content! Thanks to Leading Simple, I was able to introduce a new spirit, a new way of dealing with people, a new leadership style in my company. And if anyone thinks that Leading Simple is not measurable, they are definitely wrong. All my employees who work with Leading Simple are convinced of the system and are grateful that the company invests so wisely in employee development and appreciate being part of it."

Michael Imhof

"Boris Grundl has earned our respect with the way he deals with the consequences of his accident. Beyond that, however, he knows how to inspire, to dispel myths about leadership, and to clearly convey what leadership really is. It is the combination of three components that makes Boris Grundl so effective: respect for his life's work, his expertise and his ability to raise the leadership behavior of his seminar participants to a much higher level."



Bodo Schäfer,


Bestselleing author and Europe's Money Coach



"Boris Grundl is a compelling leadership personality and an excellent speaker. The suggestions in his seminars for people with leadership responsibilities are very practice-oriented and can be implemented immediately."

Kamil Sarisen,

Executive Director aks GmbH


Johann Petrow,

Lobster Experience


Birgit Karnauke,

HOFFMANNGLAS GmbH and Co. Glass wholesaler KG


Rudolf Regehr,

ISR Mechanical Engineering GmbH

„Boris Grundl touches people with his personal, direct, and consistent manner. His seminars on employee leadership are very impressive.“

Alfred Havelka,



Andreas Mahlstedt,

Spedition Mahlstedt GmbH


Viktoria Frick,

Mercedes-Benz FuellCell GmbH


Wolfgang Schlögl,


"Boris Grundl the last Boyscout!"

Michael Schubert


Marlis Lutz,

Frau in Form Gotha GmbH and Co. KG

"Mr. Grundl was out of reach until I arrived at the right job with the right leadership to learn to lead properly."

Christian Pfeifer


Lars Kratzheller,

Spaett Architekten


Life Aid Nienburg


Katrin Marcussen-Sitzer,

SP_Data GmbH and Co. KG

"We chose Leading Simple to reflect on ourselves and our understanding of leadership and to gain new impulses and perspectives. The weekend with Boris Grundl and his team provided us with deep insights and new knowledge and made a lasting impression on us. We now have a uniform understanding of our leadership philosophy at the leadership level and are eager to implement it and gain new experiences. We thank Boris Grundl for this experience and can only recommend every company to experience Leading Simple for themselves."

Christian Fink

Fink IT-Solutions

"A lively seminar that moves participants emotionally and involves them to a degree I have never experienced before!"

René Schnabel,

Martin Mantz GmbH

"The seminar goes much deeper than the book "Leading Simple". Thank you very much for this."

Thomas Schumamm

"The excuses end with myself - then with others."

Hella Cordes-Tietz

"The seminar has fully met my expectations and answered my open questions! THANK YOU! Kind regards"

Thorsten Hermsdorf

"It's crazy how quickly and precisely Mr. Grundl can get to the heart of people and with what efficiency he hits the nerve."

Norbert Pauly,


"This seminar provides clarity."

Oliver Teut

"Leading Simple is a great leadership tool with which we as a company are now able to responsibly position ourselves towards our employees and make everyone understand what our leadership philosophy is and how we want to apply it to our company."

Lars Kratzheller,

Spaett Architects


"My personal development in recent years would certainly have been different without the Grundl Leadership Institute. I was able to significantly improve my results through the additional coaching and have since passed them on to our managers. Many thanks!"

Markus Bürkle,



Progress report

"Going through this transformation process is a naturally occurring process. Leading Simple has led to us speaking the same language. That is, we have become much more mentally focused and clear on results, and there is a greater understanding of each other."

Johann Petrow,

Lobster Experience GmbH and Co. KG


"With "Leading Simple" we have implemented a common language and system on leadership. Across national borders, we have achieved deep awareness and unprecedented sustainability."

Karen Landis,

Organisation Development Manager TRW Automotive Aftermarket

"Clear, simple insights that can be implemented quickly."

Thomas Keller,

Deutsche Bank

"The combination of the contents "Leading Simple" and "Power of language" -can't be surpassed in their effect."

Ralph Spiering,


"Boris Grundl impresses with his authenticity."

Heinrich Eickmann,

Executive Director Brenntag GmbH

"The "Leading Simple" system is very well thought out and complete. The tools are very practical and can be used immediately."

Dr. Torsten Osthus

„Boris Grundl is a master in conveying humanly meaningful content to students and lecturers at the Faculty of Remedial Education at the University of Cologne. His transmitted experiences are beyond abstract theories and scientific special knowledge.“

Dr. Horst Strohkendl,


"I would recommend the seminar to others because you made it possible for me to go beyond my inner limits and thus the change in me was emotionally triggered."


Alexandra Heine,

"As a coach, Mr. Grundl leads one unflinchingly without detour to personal weaknesses. He consistently and purposefully reaches the starting point of elementary changes with a high degree of effectiveness. He gives you no chance to avoid a confrontation with yourself. At the same time, you clearly feel that he understands the difficulty you are struggling with very well and thus mobilizes your own will to change. In doing so, he manages to walk the tightrope between challenge and respect for personal individuality in a wonderful way."

Petra Bust


Florian Simon,

I.K. Hofmann GmbH

"The way Mr. Grundl presented the contents was exciting and very true to life. His charisma and authenticity carried everyone away and shook them up."

Hermann Tecklenburg,

Owner Tecklenburg GmbH


Jana Neubecker,

Woman in form Gotha GmbH and Co. KG

"Mr. Grundl taught me a way of thinking that I had not practiced before..... to recognize the opportunity in every negative development. Impressive!"

Erik Munk Koefoed,

Executive Director Atos Worldline Processing GmbH


Martina Lütge

„Boris Grundl is at the center of life. He manages to captivate and inspire seminar participants in the shortest possible time. He conveys the knowledge of people management in a convincing manner.“

Silke and Thomas Burger,

Owner-SBS Feintechnik


Jens Stier

„Mr. Grundl sensitizes people to the reasons for their weak results and provides them with immediately applicable knowledge as medicine. He gets his audience moving without getting too close to them.“

Alexander Hamdi Hammoud,

Product Manager


Martin Fischer,


„The seminar with Mr. Grundl has had a long-term effect on me.“

Sigrid Engelbrecht,

Engelbrecht Media

"I would recommend this seminar to anyone who is at the beginning of their leadership career to lay a very good foundation to become the very best leader."

Valerie Fuchs,

Brunel GmbH

„What makes Boris Grundl stand out is that he is articulate and straightforward. He is an outstanding and impressive person.“



Klaus Schaefer,


Executive Director Schaefer and Partner Consulting



"I would recommend the seminar to others because I am convinced that EVERYONE can expand and sharpen their consciousness."

Wladimir Holuch,

ASH Arena Catering

„Boris Grundl is a truly extraordinary personality and a top-class speaker. He shows authentically, as a living example, how even the seemingly impossible can be mastered! At the same time, he deals with the practical content on issues of people management in a quality that is unparalleled and motivates me very much!“

Erich Kastenholz,


"After registering, I was a little unsure whether the presentation of how leadership works was perhaps a little too simple. However, the seminar exceeded my expectations by far. It goes much deeper than I thought and I took away not only methods but deep insights that changed my attitudes."

Dominik Wild,

BEX Components AG

"Leading Simple has changed the following for me:

- I have further developed my mindset: Leading Simple has given me a clear position and shown me where I can develop further and how I can achieve this.

- I have expanded my skillset: the differentiations bring facts to the point efficiently, through the training of managers we have a common language. I have evaluated and optimized systems in my area of responsibility.

Conclusion: Today, I am living up to my responsibility to a greater extent and making it even more visible with my teams through results."

Petra Toischer,

Testo SE and Co. KGaA

"For me, it was a kick in the behind at exactly the right time to be able to develop myself and my team further!"

Martin Paulo,

Paulo Hotelmanagement GmbH

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