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School smarts are not life smarts

Boris Grundl is a visiting lecturer at several universities and researches the subject of responsibility. Following the principle "School smarts are not life smarts," he volunteers his time to give schoolchildren a series of keynote speeches on how to take responsibility for their own lives. As a result, young people learn to overcome fears, let go of their feelings of guilt, build up self-confidence and develop their own goals. In the process, he points out that successfully finishing school is no guarantee for a successful career and a bright future. Moreover, he motivates young people to recognize their full potential and to start their lives after school with strength and realistic expectations. "It is crucial to try out different things, make mistakes and shape your future step by step," says Grundl. The key is to find out about your own talents, develop self-responsibility, courageously try out different challenges, deal with problems properly, assert yourself at the right moment and find the right balance between professional and private life.


Soziale Verantwortung

With great power comes great responsibility

For Boris Grundl, social responsibility is not just a word, but true responsibility towards people who need support. Through his accident and its consequences, he himself has been given the chance to reinvent himself. Not everyone has this chance. Boris Grundl therefore considers it his duty not only to talk about social responsibility, but also to live up to it. Boris Grundl has been Honorary President of the German Wheelchair Sports Association since 2006, where he himself had been active as a professional player for about 15 years and has now been a supporter for many years. He inspires the players in free lectures, is integrated into the development strategies for the younger players, secures part of the future of this association with financial support, and is particularly committed to the project "Wheelchair Rugby goes to School". Additionally, Boris Grundl has been supporting the TG-Trossingen 1879 e.V. for many years, where he himself had been playing wheelchair tennis for many years. "Boris Grundl is a special sponsor for us because he was convinced by our idea of how well the money for the youth, our future, is invested", says Robert Schuster, Treasurer of TG Trossingen. Boris Grundl also regularly takes on sponsorships for children in the SOS Children's Villages. In recognition of this, he already received the needle for 15 years of sponsorship for an SOS Children's Villages in Bhubaneshwar (India).