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The speaker

Boris Grundl went through a lightning career as a manager. Today he is one of Europe's elite trainers in his capacity as a leadership expert and captivating keynote speaker at congresses. He is a management trainer, author, founder, and owner of the Grundl Leadership Institute.

He perfected the art of leading himself and others at the very highest level. Boris Grundl gives lectures on personality development, self-responsibility, and leadership. He speaks plainly and to the point, while always remaining witty and humorous.



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The mentor

Boris Grundl coaches managers and executives at the highest level earning him the trust of numerous corporations and medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries. Through his ways, working closely with his clients, he is able to lead entrepreneurs, managers, and executives to understanding how to develop themselves and their employees.

His clients value his ability to challenge their view of the world, enabling them to see things differently and from another perspective. Every week he receives letters from people that see him as a role model, and his story as inspiration for their own lives, drawing strength for their every-day lives and personal fates.

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The author

Even as an author of six books, all of his publications have one thing in common, still: Responsibility and self-Responsibility from different angles and perspectives. His first book "

Leading Simple – leading can be so simple

" (2007) systematically describes the role of a manager and provides a learning framework. This book established the foundation of the Grundl Leadership Institute and defines Boris Grundl's position as a leadership expert.


The man

At the age of 25, Boris Grundl, an ambitious sports student – well-trained, attractive, with a zest for life, is standing on a cliff in Mexico. The jungle behind him, the deep glistening blue sea far beneath him. Imitating the locals, Boris Grundl jumps from the rock face, past the waterfall rushing into the lagoon, diving into the crystal-clear water, going ever higher and higher.

One last time he’s jumping. This time, from as high up as possible.

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Boris Grundl is a welcome guest in TV and Radio (e.g. ARD, ZDF, WDR, MDR, ORF, 3Sat, SWR, FFH) as well as a beloved guest author and interviewee for print and online media. News and media outlets regularly report about his projects, speeches, and publications. At the same time, he is a long-time op-ed columnist for Business and Education Magazine, FandE Manager Magazine, and the Frankfurt Review.

You can find a wide variety of his publications, interviews, articles, and press reports here:


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