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Strong people. Strong results. Strong companies.

Effective leadership is craftsmanship. And just like a language or a sport, anyone can learn it. Some approaches focus on numbers, data, facts and lose sight of human needs. Other approaches focus too much on human needs and neglect the economic outcome. Our approach is to resolve this apparent contradiction. For us, people development and economic gain go hand in hand. A consistent understanding of leadership in management teams releases unimagined strengths. Simply imagine that you and the managers in your company have a common understanding of leadership! This means that everyone knows what their responsibilities are. Everyone knows what tools are at their disposal and how to use them. Everyone sees a purpose in what they do. The result is job satisfaction, growth, and efficiency. A greenhouse of human development .

Strong people. Strong results. Strong companies.

Answers on leadership

The 3 Pillars

The Grundl Leadership Institute offers "Answers about people management." Answers to the three central issues of effective leadership:

How do I lead myself?

Get up!©


How do I make better decisions?




How do I take control of my life?


How do I lead conversations?

Power of Speech©

Impulse for action

How do I motivate people in a meaningful way?



Information processing

How do I read other people?


How do I lead others?

Leading Simple©


How do I lead from one person to another?



How do systems simplify leadership?


The transformation process in action

Throughout a transfer process, participants alternate between intensive seminars and implementation phases.

Each intensive seminar is followed by implementation exercises. During the implementation phases, each participant is supported by personal coaching calls, ensuring practical implementation.


Understanding: intellectual

As a first step, the possibilities and the limits of human development will be made apparent. Everyone will understand what kind of thinking and acting has what kind of effect. Everyone will realize why they are where they are and what they need to change to increase their impact.


Understanding: emotional

As a second step, we teach and train the central distinctions and contents of effective leadership. Regular experiences of success ensure sustained motivation for implementation. Everything learned is applied step by step.


Practical application

In a third step, the implementation and application of what has been learned is required. Everyone knows how ineffective seminars can be. This is not the case with us! In transfer phases and implementation phone calls, our training becomes a reality. We bring "the horsepower to the road".

Transformation and Learning.
What a difference.

In order to understand this, let's first take a look at what differentiates the two. Learning, which is the accumulation of knowledge, enormously enhances brain connectivity. The degree to which a person can use this knowledge depends on the degree to which they have transformed themselves as a person. Knowledge describes what chemical compounds are made of. Its application in product development is transformation. The way electronics and mechanics work is knowledge. However, understanding how the two work in harmony in order to make people's lives easier is transformation. By learning more, we are harvesting more knowledge. By transforming ourselves, we harvest a more fulfilling life.

Knowledge is a conscious skill. Through it, the stages of "not knowing that you know too little" (Unconscious Incompetence) and "knowing that you know too little" have already been overcome. However, in order to reach a new stage of development through profound change as a human being, we have to reach the stage of unconscious competence - we have to transform ourselves. In this context, learning is only a transition: an intellectual foundation that still has to achieve maturity.

Your benefit: Our practical experience


Less is more

In the sheer flood of leadership philosophies and leadership know-how, we have isolated what is really essential. What remains is only what is absolutely necessary for practical application.


Not knowing, but knowing how

It is not a matter of knowing as much as possible, but rather of knowing a few things that are all the more important. This is how you move from superficial quantity to profound quality - from the watering can principle to an effective burning glass.

Less knowledge, more impact.


Width and depth

When few people bear a lot of responsibility, growth is blocked. These people then become the bottlenecks of development. Everyone knows this. That is why as many people as possible in a company must understand and apply effective leadership. The basic knowledge must be expanded so that everyone can contribute to it within the scope of their abilities. Comprehensible, straightforward and transparent. This creates trust among managers and employees.

The company's value increases.



We deliberately distance ourselves from strategic management doctrines and focus on the systematic release of human potential. With systematic human development, we start where most management models finish. In this way, we offer you an additional benefit.


Common Sense

We distance ourselves from the excessive "psychologization" of most leadership teachings. These have unnecessarily complicated many things. We plead for and appeal to common sense; we feel committed to this.


Implementation Strength

By alternating between intensive, practice-oriented seminars and transfer phases with implementation phone calls, we ensure the sustainability of our courses, which is so often required. We ensure the optimal transfer into practice. Our references underline this.


Learning intensity

Every single lesson is taught in the most effective way. First intellectual comprehension, then emotional understanding, and finally personal experience. Practical exercises with direct relevance to reality are at the core of our methodology and didactics - that is our strength.


Leadership = Emotion

We know from experience about the strong emotional component of leadership. Effective leadership is not an intellectual, but an emotional act. In the conflict between mind and heart, it is usually the heart that wins. Effective leadership is professional control of emotions. This also applies to our training courses.


Midwife principle

We are against "know-it-all attitude" and finger-pointing. We understand the inner reality behind roles and masks. We accept that. There is nothing unfamiliar to us about the human condition. Discretion and trust are the basis of our cooperation. We do not add anything, but extract and expand what is there - like a midwife. True to our motto:

Be the best you can be.



We feel committed to the greatness that dwells in people. This is what we serve. We are highly consistent about this. Our contents are servants, not masters, orientation guides and possibilities, not a corset. We are aware that this "serving" can sometimes be demanding and uncomfortable.

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