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Core and Essence

Inspiring a desire for responsibility

The Grundl Leadership Institute researches, evaluates, and teaches high-quality, practical differentiationDifferentiation is defined as a basic function of thinking. It involves the active identification of differences, dissimilarities, differentiation. This makes it a prerequisite for perception and knowledge.

At the heart of this is responsibility with all its dimensions. Through the research of the Responsibility Index, we are able to reliably measure your approach to responsibility and leadership competence. We are offering three different products for this purpose:

Location Responsibility

Focus Responsibility

Leadership Excellence Report


Our specifically designed content packages offer powerful answers to three important questions:

Get up! © – How do I lead myself?

The power of Speech © – How do I lead conversations?

Leading Simple © – How do I lead others?


We strongly believe that the trinity Thinking– Acting – Impact is the best approach for personal development. Meaning:

What kind of thinking leads to which kind of emotions and insight?

Which insights lead to what actions?

What kinds of actions lead to what kind of impact (results)?

Strong People – Strong results – Strong companies

Strong results produce strong companies. Deeper thinking leads to more thoughtful actions and shows in better results. Therefore, we oppose the "higher, faster, further" mentality with the concept of "more flexible, clearer, deeper".


This approach is very clear and intense, we are very much aware. Our attitude and approach towards you is honest and serious, positively demanding and challenging, but also inspiring and humorous. The combination of strong content, high intensity, deep impact and meaning with more than 18 years of experience makes us a unique external partner. You can count on that.
Try us! Challenge us! It would be an honor for us.

The Team

Developing people - systematically.

Our team of trainers, sales, organization, and event management does everything in its power to empower people. We don't want to be "popular" or "needed". We are concerned with the desire for responsibility, results, respect, and purpose. Our attitude is positively challenging and serious, yet always inspiring and humorous.

Feedback reflects leadership style

What makes our customers happy

"I was able to (re-)discover so much about myself – I have never had anything like that happen to me!"





Feedback reflects leadership style

What makes our customers happy

"Leading Simple is a great leadership tool with which we as a company are now able to responsibly position ourselves towards our employees and make everyone understand what our leadership philosophy is and how we want to apply it to our company."

Lars Kratzheller,

Spaett Architekten



Feedback reflects leadership style

What makes our customers happy

"I am currently working through the work book in waves. My impressions about this weekend are actually intensified by doing that. It is absolutely incredible how much knowledge and how impactful and with pinpoint accuracy this knowledge is being imparted on us. Understanding that being loud, putting someone in their place – being emotional – is something that is not just okay to do, but can actually be useful at time, was no less than eye-opening. You managed to stir up an actual hunger for life, language, and communication, a hunger to meet with people and hear and talk about their issues. Never before have I invested money into anything this useful and profound. Thank you, Mr. Grundl."

Paul Dollinger


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